Our Mission

To equip individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) with the necessary tools to enhance independence and quality of life through the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Our vision is to ensure all families seeking ABA therapy obtain high quality, culturally competent care that brings about meaningful and positive change.

  • We prioritize a safe and nurturing environment to promote your learner’s progress.
  • Our personalized programs are built around each learner’s unique personality, interests, and capabilities.
  • We teach skills across developmental domains, laying a strong foundation to improve developmental, social and educational outcomes

Our Commitment

The Autism Spark is built around a commitment to deliver on the progress of those whose care we have been entrusted with. Our goal is to create socially significant change and to help our families access new opportunities. As much as we love the families we serve, we love our employees and the culture we create. Our team is at the core of what we do. We are motivated to build a talented and passionate team. In every decision we make, big or small, we adhere to these principles.

We Offer

  • Enrollment Support – From ASD diagnosis to program enrollment, let us help you navigate the process.
  • ABA Therapy – Personalized 1:1 treatment using evidence-based interventions that are rooted in the scientific principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, with an emphasis on targeting socially significant behaviors.
  • Individualized Treatment Plans – From the home to community-based settings, skills are taught in the most appropriate environments to
    maximize generalization.
  • Treatment Across Settings – Our treatment plans are adapted to the needs of your learner and the goals of your family. We focus on the most
    important skills and behaviors, and measure success by socially significant measurable changes in your learner.
  • Parent Training – Through collaboration, education and coaching, you will learn to become your learner’s greatest advocate.

Our Services

Whether your learner was just recently diagnosed or has been in a traditional school setting but unable to make adequate progress, we deeply believe every learner is capable of learning with the right programming in place

Insurance Navigation

Let us help you! ABA therapy is a medically necessary treatment that is covered by most insurance. From evaluations and referral forms to electronic signatures, we partner with you to seamlessly collect all documentation needed to enroll your learner.

Individualized Treatment

Our treatment plans are adapted to the needs of your learner and the goals of your family. We focus on the most important skills and behaviors, and measure success by socially significant quantifiable changes in your learner.

Collaborative Care

We work with other stakeholders on your learner’s team to maximize progress. From rehabilitative and medical providers to teachers and sitters, we promote a wraparound model of care.