About Us

Team TAS

Our clinical team has a wealth of educational and professional experience related to Applied Behavior Analysis. Our team members have extensive experience working with individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, including individuals across the lifespan, from age 2 to 82. All clinicians have received a Master’s degree and meet relevant licensure and certification requirements to practice within any regional area that we serve. Additionally, they have the professional, ethical and cultural competency skills needed for complex cases. The behavior analysts on our clinical team have worked in virtually every setting including: clinics, residential homes, public schools, center-based, and home-based programs.

The Autism Spark providers will always deliver services in a manner that supports:

  • Excellence and innovation in the provision of care
  • Ethical care and professional integrity
  • Patient accessibility
  • Cultural and linguistic competence
  • Coordination of care, including integration with primary care clinicians (PCCs)
  • Clinical and technical competence and innovation
  • Data-driven practice, including evidence-based practices, outcome measurements, and utilization management.


The clinical team is made up of a Clinical Director, Supervising Behavioral Clinicians and Behavior Therapists. These three levels of staff work closely together to collaborate and ensure the best ABA treatment possible for your learner.

Behavior Therapists

The Behavior Therapists work directly with your learner to implement personalized teaching methods. Our therapists are passionate and empathic, and equipped with exceptional education and training.

Behavioral Clinicians/BCBAs

The Behavior Clinicians provide supervision and case management, and closely monitor the treatment plan and progress of the learner through frequent observation and data analysis. All clinicians hold a Master’s degree and required licensure and certification.

Clinical Director

The Clinical Director works to ensure that all learners serviced by The Autism Spark receive quality care, and that all members of the clinical team receive the ongoing supervision and professional development needed to deliver that care.

The Autism Spark is committed to maintaining the highest quality of care, and we know that directly comes from the investment that we make in our team!

Team Approach

The Autism Spark understands that it takes a village. We believe that a cohesive collaborative approach that emphasizes a wraparound model of care will achieve the best results for your learner. We are willing and eager to work in conjunction with other professionals that are a part of the care team for your learner, including:

  • Primary Care Doctor
  • Other Medical Specialists
  • Teachers
  • Additional Caregivers
  • Rehabilitative Therapists
  • Other important stakeholders